Pony rides in the Grassmarket Saturday 25th May

Santa's poniesI don’t have all the details yet but there will definitely be free pony rides in the Grassmarket on Saturday 25th May. After the successful trial before Christmas when people were happy just to have their photos taken with the ponies the Greater Grassmarket BID organisers have managed to get permission for pony rides in the Grassmarket. Not only that but they will be funded with BID money hopefully attracting enough people to the area that they will continue to be free in the future.

I don’t have a starting time yet but I would expect it will be either a noon or 1pm start and last three hours. This won’t by any means be the only thing planned and there will be regular markets and events most weekends. A full list will be published soon I’m told.

You don’t have to be Mary Portas to improve the experience of high street shopping and luckily the Grassmarket has far more going for it than most. While visitors to Edinburgh always make sure to visit years of tram works have stopped people from surrounding areas coming into Edinburgh to shop. Hopefully that can now change and nowhere will you find as many independent traders as you will in the Greater Grassmarket area.

Sadly my slogan was deemed to be unsuitable. I went with

“Don’t go to shopping centres they are even worse than Princes Street. Come to the Grassmarket for great independent retailers”  

Not a great slogan I admit but to the point !

I reckon once we work out how kids can have their photo taken on a pony in front of the castle we’ll be onto a complete winner. 

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