Avalanche Album Club – Hiatus Over !

PSBAfter a lengthy gap caused by there being no good music at all (this isn’t twitter so everybody gets that’s a joke right ?) the album club returns with an album worthy of the wait. I had the first Public Service Broadcasting 10″ dropped off in the shop and was asked to give it to customers I thought might be interested. A couple returned this week to thank me.

Clearly with many bands now very keen to try to go directly to customers from the start and with the vinyl resurgence something new is needed but everybody with outstanding subscriptions will have them fulfilled with a bonus !  

More on all that later but members can pop in from tomorrow and emails will go out next week if I can find an uncorrupted spreadsheet (and even if I can’t) to those who both collect and those who receive their packages mail order. Thanks to everybody for their patience. It will be rewarded !  

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