The Blog is Back !

A side effect of the blog becoming more and more popular was that it suddenly seemed to face far more attacks (of a cyber nature) that the blog wasn’t really geared up for. We also managed to exceed our bandwidth but that was sorted very quickly thanks to United Hosting. Anyway thanks also to Steve from Supermarionation and the mysterious Grant the blog is now clean and hopefully will remain so.  As plugins were the main problem they have all been removed but should return once declared safe including the shop. An all new shop will with luck be ready before Christmas.

I was going to take a time out anyway and let the dust settle as hopefully things became clearer.  I can’t honestly say things are much clearer yet and HMV/FOPP’s troubles only complicate matters but the plan is to work towards a positive outcome as I first said in my statement. Customer support has been fantastic but I have to say most heartening has been the young kids hoping we don’t close mainly because of the posters but also because of the vinyl. Who would have thought kids would care whether a record shop stayed open or not ?

There have been messages of support from all over the world which has genuinely surprised me and I think there is a real understanding of the challenges facing all high street shops at the moment especially when competing with online sellers who in the case of music don’t only fail to promote the artists they sell but in the case of Amazon pay any tax !

I will post regular updates from now on.

Many thanks again for all the kind words and sorry to all the people I have been unable to reply to. Please feel free to send again an email, tweet or facebook message that I may have missed the first time and may need an answer.



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