Santa’s ponies in the Grassmarket Sunday 9th December 2-4pm

To celebrate the short film released this weekend highlighting the Grassmarket as the arts hub of Edinburgh with independent traders to match, Avalanche has at great personal expense secured a visit from Santa’s ponies to the Grassmarket. With Edinburgh’s premier children’s gift shop Helios Fountain next door we find that between ourselves and our other neighbours Red Dog, Edinburgh’s biggest and best musical instrument shop, children of all ages can find something of interest as well as their parents. 

Once the obligatory photo has been taken in front of the castle visitors to the Grassmarket will also  be able to visit the world famous vintage clothing emporium Armstrongs, discover a fantastic range of books you are unlikely to see elsewhere in Analogue at the foot of Candlemaker Row and find all the refreshments you might need at the Hula Juice Bar and Gallery. It goes without saying there are many more other fantastic independent retailers and eateries to be visited too.  

Santa's ponies


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