Other outlets for local/Scottish bands music – coffee shops, book shops etc

Tom Waits asks Iggy if that really is the second There Will Be Fireworks album he can hear now that the new Withered Hand album has finished

I’m always telling bands they should try to get as many outlets as possible for their CDs and we certainly always refuse exclusivity as I just don’t think it is the right way forward. As I’ve said before there is a plan currently for Avalanche to supply 15 of our best selling albums to 30 of the world’s best record shops. Phase 2 of that plan was to have a similar idea in Scotland and possibly further afield. Cancel The Astronauts did a great job with the list I gave them for the UK for instance.

Anywhere that plays music such as a coffee shop, book shop, maybe a vintage clothing shop I even had a Paris pub suggested but that is another story ! The worldwide idea looks like it will be early next year so I don’t want to delay phase 2 as with Christmas coming up and lots of visitors over the festive period the possibility to reach a wider audience is too good to miss.

There is a very loose idea as to how the logistics would work and the eventual aim is to have some kind of Scottish distribution that could deal with both ideas but that is some way off yet. For now I just want to gauge the interest in the idea. Again I wouldn’t be keen to give exclusivity to one particular coffee chain for instance but obviously if only one was initially interested we would not let others join later should the idea take off.

Clearly it would be daft to have outlets too close as well so for now I’m really just looking for notes of interest. We have around 50 possibles for our worldwide idea and that was just with contacts made in the shop or via social media normally twitter. This could prove to be just as popular or have no interest at all so I’m just putting it out there. To me it seems a great way to support Scottish music, add a little income and generate extra publicity for a business.

We actually sold an awful lot of the first Beirut album because a lot of shops, pubs and restaurants bought it from us and customers would ask what it was and come to us to buy it. This idea would just mean the customer could buy on the spot if for instance they felt the need to hear more of Mr Ryan Hannigan and the Star Wheel Press album.

Please use the shop email avalancherecords@hotmail.co.uk and of course any questions just ask.           

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  • Anne Scott:

    Beware of wasting money/effort giving people what they SAY they want. As in elections, pollsters are told what the public would ideally like (more services etc), then there’s a surprise win for a “nasty party”. I used to buy records/cds. I don’t now. I am not your perfect customer! I will not lead you up the garden path saying I do. Nor do I live in Edinburgh now.
    That is not to be negative. Like many people of all ages, music is hugely important to me. I am involved with a music website. A place for listening to, talking about, exchanging knowledge on music, as record shops used to be, will always be relevant. I am not so sure hard copies of the music can be the foundations of the business any longer, though.
    There is an idea out there, waiting to be found! I hope you are the one to discover it, Kevin.

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