Poster and vinyl sale @ The Underground in Teviot – Thursday November 1st

After great feedback from the students this year both the first years and those returning I’ve taken their advice to take Avalanche to the students in an attempt to convince those that maybe never go to the shops these days that perhaps shops do have something to offer they can’t find online. Certainly the pleasure of looking through vinyl or rummaging through posters is an experience impossible to match.

We will of course only be taking along a small selection of what we have but enough hopefully to encourage folk to want to come and see more. There will be a good selection of all our posters and a couple of boxes of our best new vinyl along with some interesting second hand items covering  everything from UK and US indie to soul, jazz, blues, soundtracks and classic dance titles.

We will be joined by our next door neighbours Red Dog and if all goes well expect to see us back with more of our Grassmarket friends. The shop will still be open and we will be at Teviot all day from 9am to 6pm.   

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