New PAWS album

Just to clarify we aren’t “not stocking” the new PAWS album we just didn’t get any consigned to us as neither the label or the band got in touch. These days when a band have their album launch before the release date and the label is actively selling online it is simply impossible for us to guess how many if any we will sell. For instance we stocked the Sucioperro album in 2011 and sold none of the 10 we ordered for quite a while. After a year we had sold 5 and were still out of pocket. Consequently we had no choice but to take none of their new album. Prior to this we had always done well with the band’s releases.

Distributors I should add never offer consignment unless instructed by the label. I’m not sure why I’ve been told it was hard to find in Glasgow except that as the launch was in Glasgow all shops but HMV and FOPP who get different payment terms to independents would be extra cautious in stocking it. It would appear it has just been taken for granted that shops will blindly support the album despite being put at a major disadvantage.

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