Kevin MacNeil and Willie Campbell – Visible From Space (Avalanche Album Club)

All this time I’ve been waiting for something to come along for the album club and this snuck out in July without me knowing.  Some of you will recognise Kevin’s vocal from the intro to the There Will Be Fireworks album. Others will remember Willie from his band Astrid.

Poet, novelist and playwright Kevin MacNeil won the Tivoli Europa Giovani International Poetry Prize for the best collection published in Europe by a writer under 35.

Ex-Astrid vocalist Willie Campbell tours as a solo artist and as a member of The Open Day Rotation, a band formed in Lewis which has a ‘rotating’ line up.

Local Man Ruins Everything, (MacNeil and Campbell’s first collaboration) was Single Of The Week in The Guardian and The List as  well as being a big seller for Avalanche on 7″. 

It passed with flying colours the all important album club test. I’ve now played it 8 times and sold 10 copies while doing so. It has been worth the wait !

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