Biffy Clyro – Opposite of support your local record shop ?

Biffy Clyro are Avalanche’s third biggest selling band of all time after Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai. Sometime in the future Avalanche will cease to be a record shop as customers currently know it. It isn’t simply the loss of new release sales but the loss of people coming into the shop and then buying other things too. Often these “other things” are smaller new releases so those bands suffer lost sales too.

Biffy are doing no more than most bands do now so I’m not trying to attach any blame here. All I’m saying is when people wonder why is it that shops can’t keep going it isn’t because there aren’t enough people buying physical music it is because there aren’t enough people buying physical music in shops. When albums are being sold to fans this far ahead of the release date shops have no chance.

At you are encouraged to buy the box set from the band’s website and the CD/DVD version at amazon or There is a twist in the tale here at least for a shop like Avalanche. Should we get enough Biffy Clyro posters it would bring in both the revenue and the fans we used to have actually selling the music. A shop taking a 360 approach might see that as a way forward !    




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