Polaris Music Prize 2012 @ Avalanche

With 10 days to go before this year’s winner is announced we now have the mystery 7″s to give away with each purchase from the shortlisted nominees. Each single features two of the artists but as they are all sealed with identical sleeves even we don’t know what you will be getting.

Fucked Up were our biggest selling band before the campaign but at the moment Grimes is leading with Handsome Furs in second. You can find out more about the award and the artists involved at http://www.polarismusicprize.ca/

If you really can’t make it into the shop then our good friends Spillers Records in Cardiff have them all listed and available to buy. http://www.spillersrecords.co.uk/public/shop.cfm?sc_artist=polaris&sc_title=&sc_label=&x=5&y=10&search=true 

Alternatively we can take orders over the phone. All orders will receive a 7″ while stocks last.  

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