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The new documentary DVD released in support of independent record shops came out this week. Many will argue about the validity of the rebirth of independent record shops but that is a different blog. The music industry has never let the truth get in the way of publicity. The point is that no matter how blunt the message people seem to have their own take on things. This year more people seemed to think Record Store Day was about vinyl than record shops.

So on twitter today. There is I agree a publicity grabbing conspiracy theory relating to vinyl but I was still surprised to see this tweet

    Prescribed Vinyl ‏@PrescribedVinyl

Just got my copy of @LstShopStanding at … Everyone who enjoys#vinyl should own this film…

So this DVD is about vinyl ? Anyway the buyer is in the US so can be excused from not rushing to his nearest UK record shop. Obviously though he would buy it from a UK record shop website ? Well no. He buys it from the distributor and it is then retweeted by both the twitter account for Last Shop Standing and the distributor Proper.

So the message seems to be clear. Don’t buy it from

Spillers in Cardiff and support the world’s oldest record shop

or from Piccadilly in Manchester

or from Rough Trade in London

Why not just go the whole hog and buy it from the cheapest seller on Amazon quirksonline

It’s a first. I’m lost for words !

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