Geeks, nerds, indie “kids” and the mainstream

I’ve had the same conversation several times recently in which labels/bloggers have talked about reaching the mainstream when what they mean is reaching the regular indie buyers who listen to indie/local bands but don’t normally read blogs, go to album launches or listen to Vic Galloway. Knowing your target market is obviously important and they fail on two counts. They don’t seem to think they are “indie geeks” so they assume there are far more people like them than there actually are and then as I’ve already said they don’t understand what it is the customer wants. Releasing things on cassette is just the tip of the iceberg in “not getting it”.  

I’ve a backlog of blogs “which some people might find offensive” so I’ll say no more except that I am one of those geeks and can be nerdy not just about music but also football, statistics and animals as those who saw my tweet about zebu being a better choice than zebra in the children’s animal game will testify.

And yes for all you twitter geeks out there this was what my tweet was about at the end of all those Shakespeare quotes. The National – “I’ll explain everything to the geeks”.

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