Schoolkids Records in Athens, Georgia – sadly no more

I had two ladies in today from Athens, Georgia who both bought CDs. They asked if I was still doing OK as I reminded them of their local shop Schoolkids that had closed last year and caused quite a shock in doing so. I googled the shop later and could see why they had said it.

This quirky shop in downtown Athens is one of a handful of stores deeply devoted to the legendary Athens scene. It carries CDs and vinyl from the the leading lights of the indie-rock and singer-songwriter genres, and also occasionally hosts in-store performances by local artists.

They recommended the other shop still left Wuxtry for my idea of sending out CDs saying that Athens folk were very loyal to their local scene and would appreciate the gesture. And what did they buy. One bought the new Shins album while the other loved the album I was playing and bought the first Meursault  album.   

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