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Thrillionaire – “Wie Gehts?” Directed and Edited by Laura Maxwell

Twitter is full of people recommending their friends’ bands/work as you know and that of course is something we simply don’t do so it was a relief when Yani Gellman, LA actor (Pretty Little Liars, 90210 etc) and Withered Hand fan, recommended a video his friend had made that thankfully it turned out to be quite good. As you will also know we don’t go for that everything is brilliant routine either. Anyway well worth watching.

Josef K, Orange Juice, Shop Assistants, Pastels etc 7″s

Buba & the Shop Assistants – original three stripes freezer bag sleeve

The Shop Assistants – Safety Net + All Day Long

The Pastels – I Wonder Why RT137 + Songs For Children (Villa21 Records) + also clear vinyl on Overground + Different Drum on K + Thank You For Being You (Paperhouse)

Josef K – Chance Meeting + it’s kinda funny + the farewell single

Paul Haig – Rhythm Of Life – Soon + The Juggernauts – Come Throw Yourself 

Orange Juice – Poor Old Soul + Simply Thrilled Honey + lovesick (OJ 2 – plain sleeve) + The Day I Went Down To Texas flexi

Primal Scream – All Fall Down (CRE 017)

Meat Whiplash – don’t slip up (CRE 020)

Jesus And Mary Chain – Upside Down (black sleeve CRE012)

Fire Engines – Candyskin

Win – You’ve got The Power ( SWP 8 )

BMX Bandits – E102 / Sad? (agarr 3)

Slaughter Joe – I’ll Follow You Down (CRE019)

Jonathan Richman – That Summer Feeling (RT 152)

Felt – Penelope Tree (Cherry 59)

Dorothy – I Confess on Industrial Records (IR0014)

Those in red are sold.

All in picture/label sleeves and in great condition. Email for prices, more info etc.


Avalanche Best Sellers of 2012 – the first 6 months









1. The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know

2.  Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

3.  Admiral Fallow – Tree Bursts In Snow

4.  Jack White – Blunderbus

5.  Paul Buchanan – Mid Air

6.  Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

7.  Human Don’t Be Angry – Human Don’t Be Angry

8.  RM Hubbert – Thirteen Lost & Found

9.  My Bloody Valentine – eps 1988 – 1991

10. Django Django – Django Django

11. Spiritualized – Huh !

12. Shins – Port of Morrow

13. Mark Lanegan – Blues Funeral

14. Dexys – One Day I’m Going To Soar

15. Can – The Lost Tapes

16. Sigur Ros – Valtari

17. Olympic Swimmers – No Flags Will Fly

18. Cathode Ray – Cathode Ray

19. Public Image – This Is PIL

20. Lambchop – Mr M


As usual this is a first draft so it may change lower down the order if I find I’ve missed something. I’ve included the eps by MBV but not Loveless as it was a reissue though that too would have charted. The Shins were helped a little by the album already being reduced in price. Sigur Ros only made it in on vinyl sales as the CD sold very little. As you will see self distributed albums are few indeed with Olympic Swimmers and Cathode Ray flying the flag (pun intended !)

The “we do need to clear some space before we tidy things up for The Festival but mostly we really need the money sale”

Hoping to knock the vinyl we have on the floor into some shape soon but from Thursday to Sunday all

£1.99 vinyl will be 3 for £5 and 8 for £10.

£1.99 CDs will be 3 for £5 and 8 for £10  

£2.99 CDs will be 5 for £10

£3.99 CDs will be 3 for £10, 7 for £20 and 20 for £50

£5.99 CDs will be 3 for £15, 7 for £30 and 10 for £40.

Buy any 5 pieces of second hand vinyl and get the cheapest one free.

£1 seven inches singles will be 10 for £5.

20% off when you spend £50 or more on new vinyl

20% off when you spend £40 or more on new CDs.

We will have 100s of posters at £1 and the £3 posters will be 4 for £10.

The large fly poster pile @ £10 or under has also returned.

Individual sale items will be announced on Friday.