Leith twinned with The Grassmarket ?

Here’s something everybody seems to think is a good idea but I simply don’t have the time to follow up. The Grassmarket is a natural arts hub but there is nobody to coordinate things unlike Leith where they have a whole range of organisations and people doing a great job promoting and invigorating the area.

I had somebody in from the Leith Theatre recently which only convinced me more the idea should be pursued and after our recent in-store there were lots of comments on how good The Leither Magazine was that we had to give away. There is the possibility for shared arts markets, music events, exhibitions etc and all those I’ve met who are already involved have been keen to help. I’m sure there are ways in which The Grassmarket can reciprocate it just needs some body to take the reins at The Grassmarket end !     

2 Responses to “Leith twinned with The Grassmarket ?”

  • Anne Scott:

    Leith is an autonomous place unlike the Grassmarket or other areas in Edinburgh.
    Having said that, there’s no reason why your idea shouldn’t be pursued. But I doubt there’s a deep held “I’m from the Grassmarket” sentiment.

  • You are absolutely right and it was very much recognised that Leith was as you say an autonomous place where as the Grassmarket is at best more like a cool district and we could maybe look to a similar area in New York. However it was felt that both areas could benefit from working together on some projects especially those that were arts based.

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