That went better than I expected !

Thanks to everybody for what have been very positive comments about my last blog on the last 5 years for record shops. I retweeted those made on twitter but most came in the form of private emails or phone calls. I’ll probably summarise the points that have been made to me in a couple of days.

As individual shops it is no surprise we have different views on some things and that is exactly what would be expected but overall there was a consensus from those who got in touch that something had to be done and quickly. I think it would be fair to say that all thought that speaking out could only help and there were a lot of very kind comments that a lot of the points were “well made”. I’ve had plenty of practise !

It is absolutely essential that shops, labels and bands all work together but it is also very clear shops can definitely not survive on the scraps currently left to them. Not all comments were from shops of course and as I know there are a lot of very supportive customers out there. Thanks ! 

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