Avalanche – Collectables and Footfall

Lots of good things came out of my meetings this week and there is a lot to consider but one thought has crystallised recently and that is in the absence of new releases the best thing to bring people into the shop is new collectables arriving and of course new releases by local bands. Obviously the latter is out of my control and can’t be relied on so I need to focus on a steady stream of interesting collections arriving.

Luckily I have a backer prepared to pay for any big collections that may be offered that at the moment I couldn’t afford so that really has to be my priority especially as the visitors now seem to be arriving in decent numbers and many are looking for vinyl. Of course next month we also have the Festival so now is the time and thankfully we have the space. I already intended to have more racking but my joiner has been laid up with a bad back but all being well we will have things in place by the end of the month.

So if you have been considering having a clear out or know somebody who is sitting on a lot of vinyl they no longer listen to please get in touch. We will of course buy CDs too but they have unfortunately plummeted in price. Even second hand stores are closing so this won’t be the only plan for the future but if you are thinking of making space or just want your vinyl to go to a good home I’m sure we can help. 

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