How do you spell Meursault ?

On twitter I told the story of a young lad that on hearing the promo of the new Meursault album playing in the shop asked me what it was and as is common then how to spell it. An hour later he phoned to ask me how to spell it again as he wanted to listen online. Some people thought he was being cheeky which of course he wasn’t. Or at least he wasn’t intending to be. One follower said that at least he would be pleased with the great customer service and might return. I wasn’t so sure.

He did however return today with his parents (his dad did buy a poster) and to be honest I didn’t recognise him. As he was leaving he thanked me for helping him find “that French named band” who he had enjoyed so much he was going to the album launch at The Queen’s Hall. I’m sure he thought I’d be pleased as I’m sure another follwer also thought when he tweeted to say that after reading my comments he had bought both albums and a single though sadly not from me.

I don’t begrudge the lad at all and it is good to see him looking for new music but for Avalanche as a business I think the folk of twitter would rightly label it a #FAIL.    

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