Greetings from Buenos Aires

Had a lovely guy in today from Buenos Aires. He was so pleased to have found Avalanche as he had not known about us and was more than impressed to find all the Belle & Sebastian vinyl. He said there was such a shop in Buenos Aires called Abraxas I asked how it was doing and he said the people were determined to help it survive. There were others such as Virgin but they realised that they had to support Abraxas if it was to keep going.

You can see from the first sentence in the link I have given why he saw the affinity with Avalanche.  “A Buenos Aires institution, Abraxas, opened 25 years ago and still retains its original role of musical guide, more than just music vendor.” Interestingly a lady from Tennessee had been in recently looking for recommendations for her husband and son after reading a similar testimony for Avalanche from a guide she had. For those not following on twitter she bought There Will Be Fireworks, Bwani Junction and Emily Scott.  

He would have loved to have bought some of the Belle’s vinyl as he only had “Tigermilk” but he was travelling so it wasn’t practical. He did however buy a Jarvis Cocker CD he had been looking for as something to “remember the shop by”. He wished me luck and took our card and said he would be in touch with other recommendations of shops and people who could help. I have an extensive list of people and shops from all over the world who have actively offered to help promote Scottish artists like this. I have been amazed at what little support there has been for putting them to use.   

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