That “Avalanche Vision” I Promised

I’ve certainly talked it over with quite a few people but putting it all down will currently take time I don’t have. However in a nutshell I would want Scotland’s best bands on sale in 30 countries rather than limited releases of 30 copies and bands playing to 30 people. I would leave shops to sell the music both in their shops and online and I would let the bands and labels concentrate on all the other stuff they have to deal with. As I said before those shops don’t have to be record shops.

There are backers interested in funding a label taking this now novel approach. It won’t affect those currently employing different strategies. We would look to have albums on sale in the best record shops in the world as well as some other interesting places and they can continue to have sell out launches in small venues and sell on bandcamp etc.

While there are honourable exceptions that have already broken out from their rather restrictive “bubbles” many more are trapped in a system that simply limits them and quickly kills their releases dead. ¬†Simplified but short ! There is much more but at least some food for thought about how bands might finally get to meet their public.¬†

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