Admiral Fallow in-store Monday 21st May

I was slightly concerned that folk would be struggling to get along especially if they were going to the Queen’s Hall later but all worries were unfounded. There was a great attendance and after all I’ve said before I’m more than happy to report over half the people there bought the album.

A fairly short set gave the band time to meet everybody afterwards and sign copies of the album before they had to dash back to the venue.  




Just to add a perfect end to the day Admiral Fallow’s tour manager Davy spotted the rather natty pullover on the left and gave us our first sale before we’ve even officially opened.

A big thank you to all who came along and an extra thanks to all who bought the album. Red Dog as ever were great making sure everything was ready for the band when they arrived and of course thanks are due to the band for taking the time out to pop along.  

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