Admiral Fallow album launch in-store Monday 21st May

Admiral Fallow wil be playing in-store on Monday 21st May at 5.30pm to celebrate the release of their second album. 

As always the in-store will be free which is a position I hope to maintain. Many shops insist that entry is by purchasing an album which is not unreasonable especially if the band are playing week of release. 

Our in-stores are often attended by visitors to Edinburgh and young kids seeing a band sometimes for the first time and I would like to keep it so they can see the band without being expected to buy the album. However if most of a bands’ fans buy online and then just turn up for a free gig it makes our position untenable. As I say I really hope we can keep our in-stores completely free. 

We have supported the band from the beginning since Robin their manager just off the train turned up with a bag full of CDs. Luckily he didn’t have far to go. It seems odd now that only a last minute rush of sales at Christmas snuck their first album into out top 20 for 2010 ! Times have certainly changed.

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