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Changing the Landscape – a short film highlighting the unsung heroes of music

Short film featuring the shops that curated items for

Withered Hand – Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)

Record Store Day Saturday 21st April

We will be open at 9.30am and as usual be serving customers one at a time as quickly as possible. We have some sampler CDs to give away and anybody who asks for a Snapper “Shotgun Blossom” cassette can have one for free.  All the relevant details are in the recent blogs re the in-stores and after shop party at The Electric Circus so I’ll not repeat them.

We have never had so much good stock in. Loads of CDs at £2.99 (4 for £10) and £3.99 (3 for £10). I’ve put out hundreds of great posters for as little as £1 with more £3 posters through the back and the second hand vinyl in particular has to be seen to be believed. The Star Wheel Press vinyl arrived in the nick of time so it will be the first opportunity to buy the LP with the added bonus of having it customised by Ryan who will be in the shop demonstrating his printing press.

Add in a display of Analogue’s wares, somebody from James-Morrow on hand to advise on turntables and refreshments supplied by the wonderful Hula and I fully expect some people to make a day of it !

As with the recent Frightened Rabbit in-store we will be collecting on the day for their charity the Cystinosis Foundation UK. Be generous !

Analogue Books join the Record Store Day celebrations

Analogue Books well known for selling electronica music themselves for many years have very kindly agreed to provide us with a selection from their fantastic stock of books and magazines.

Now happily settled in their new premises  in Candlemaker Row we have long been an admirer of Russell and Julie’s wares so are exceptionally happy to have a selection available on Record Store Day. Anybody looking for more can then pop into their shop on the way to buying a bottle of RSD beer at The Bow Bar.

It has to be said that there has been a fantastic amount of support shown from fellow shops in the Grassmarket and beyond and reminds us all I think that there is more to RSD than all that pesky limited edition vinyl.  If the support from our customers is as great as it has been from fellow businesses (and I’m sure it will be) then it will be another fantastic day. We should not of course forget to thank the many bands who also suport us by playing on RSD expecting nothing in return except a cold beer and a piece of cake.   

Avalanche RSD party at The Electric Circus Saturday April 21st

We now have tickets in the shop and you can if you must I believe buy them online too. 

Having given so many bands a hard time for playing on bills with three well known bands for a fiver we do exactly the same though I think in this case we can be forgiven as it is a celebration !

This year’s theme is new songs and covers and both the earlier in-stores in the shop with Withered Hand and Gordon Ballboy and the sets later by a stripped down Last Battle and Emily Scott at The Electric Circus will all stay on message.

Star Wheel Press will of course be playing songs from their best selling album though I for one will be disappointed if I don’t hear at least one new song and a cover !    

Record Store Day Saturday April 21st

Here are the plans so far. We will open at 9.30am and as before will hand out numbers to the queue and serve one at a time. The number of items sold per customer will be limited. Bowie single seems to be the biggest problem so I really would advise trying elsewhere for that. 

Our first in-store will be Withered Hand at 2pm playing new songs and a “weird” cover followed by Gordon from Ballboy at 3pm playing new songs and a Withered Hand cover. As usual the wonderful Red Dog will provide the PA.


Hula will be providing refreshments during the day so nobody need go thirsty or unfed. Expect their fantastic juices as well as a fine selection of cakes and slices.  

For the first time in a long time we will be playing vinyl in the shop thanks to James-Morrow who are based nearby in Tollcross. They are installing a new sound system for us as well as providing us with Rega turntables to sell in the shop.


Once the day is over in the shop we will be decamping to The Electric Circus for 7pm where the theme of new songs and covers will be continued first by Scott and Arwen from The Last Battle and then by the lovely Emily Scott. Last but not least Star Wheel Press will be celebrating having our biggest selling album of 2011 by playing a full set at 9pm.    

Those of you who fancy celebrating your purchases with a Record Store Day pint will be able to do so at the Bow Bar (see also pic below).

As with the recent Frightened Rabbit in-store we will be collecting on the day for their charity the Cystinosis Foundation UK.  

There will of course be more but that for now I think is quite enough ! 


Record Store Day Beer

The Bow Bar to stock a cask of RSD2012 beer – Not April Fool !

So of course the RSD exclusives were April Fools and though there is some truth in both the HMV and Probe stories so were the other listings. However I can promise it is true that The Bow Bar in Victoria Street will be celebrating Record Store Day with Avalanche this year by having a cask of RSD2012 beer (or is it ale I’m never sure) on tap that day from The Revolutions Brewing Company in Castleford, Yorkshire. We are already having record players supplied by James-Morrow and we should have some other exciting partners to announce soon.  

Withered Hand futon for Record Store Day – April Fool exclusive

We are very pleased to announce that we have 5 limited edition Withered Hand futons to sell on Record Store Day. We are expecting a big demand so everybody who puts their name down on the day will be entered into a ballot to have the opportunity to buy one at the bargain price of £299.00. Each futon is guaranteed to be “stained” by Dan and will have a download code for the album sewn into the cover.  

Fence invisible logo t-shirts for Record Store Day – April Fool exclusive

We are very lucky to have been given an exclusive batch of Fence “invisible logo” t-shirts. To most people the shirts seem blank but to true believers in Fence the logo will appear. We will I’m afraid only be able to sell the shirts to those who correctly describe the previously unseen Fence logo.