Space Invaders – Never did reach the end

I’ve always said that running the shop was like playing space invaders and one day I’d be overrun by the constant bombardment of emails (on top of everything else) the way I never quite got to the end of space invaders once those men started off at the bottom. That day has come. Losing my internet connection for a few days and hotmail playing up hasn’t helped but really it is clear that there isn’t even time most days to prioritise emails and deal with the most important. I suspect other shops have reached this point some time ago.     

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  • Eon:

    You’ve probably been told this already, but Gmail has a setting that helps prioritise your emails. I use it for personal and business and it does a pretty good job.

    … Doesn’t help you with Space Invaders though.

  • Hoping to switch to Gmail this weekend. Already use it for other things but only recently has hotmail become such a problem adding to the issue of so many emails.

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