Album/single launches and pledges

I’ve had a spate of people asking me to put up posters in the shop for album/single launches. Some intend to bring the release into the shop afterwards, a few before and some haven’t even considered it. Even bringing the release in before unfortunately doesn’t work as folk still just wait for the launch. Avalanche has a large number of visitors in a year looking for releases from Scottish bands as well as contributing to various media charts. The more successful a band is with their launch and selling from bandcamp etc after the initial press and radio the quicker they kill the album dead. Bands are coming in  all the time once this has happened wondering if I can help.

As has been well documented recently there aren’t enough hours in the day for me so I’m afraid that with limited resources I can only work with bands who choose to sell to their fans through the shop. We are of course always happy to host launches. For most bands it makes perfect sense to go down the gig launch route but for those with real ambition and well placed confidence in their music we will sell dozens and sometimes several hundred of an album. We also promote our best sellers in national papers and on national radio stations as well as contributing to several websites. Exceptional albums we recommend to other key shops in the UK.

It is a similar story with those who use the pledge system. They have sold to their established fan base so that leaves nothing for shops. Promoting and recommending music to visitors is not a cost effective use of time but it is what we are famous for. People do come from all over the world having read about bands on our website and know what they want but even they normally look for further suggestions. I’m very proud of our reputation but it is essentially flawed in the time it takes up. Even listening posts don’t have the same interaction. Regular customers do of course often take recommendations on faith as today when a customer who had enjoyed Star Wheel Press and King Creosote and Jon Hopkins bought Rob St John.  

We are always looking for the next Withered Hand , There Will Be Fireworks or Star Wheel Press to promote. Our track record speaks for itself.        

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