Record Store Day 2012, Album Club etc etc

Way behind but will post regular updates now I have finished curating the items for the website. For those wondering they gave the OK to post the news but then received so many enquiries when they weren’t ready to make a formal announcement they asked me to take it down. It has taken up a lot of time but hopefully should be good not only for Avalanche but Scottish music and the Grassmarket. In turn that delayed the album club which I’m now putting together along with the following one.

I’m looking to do something different again for RSD 2012 as people seem understandably a little fed up with overpriced or stupidly limited releases. Our focus has always been beyond that with our in-stores but expect a far broader range of activities this year. Much to be announced but I can reveal we will have Ryan from Star Wheel Press showing how people can make their own sleeves on a press and we have booked the Electric Circus for an after RSD party. With our best selling album of last year we will have the Star Wheel Press guys playing of course but we will also have friends of Avalanche playing in both the shop and later on. Should have some Good News about that soon.       

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  • C.O'D-C:

    Hi there,

    as you have asked for suggestions on what customers may be looking for, I thought I would just add a small list of what I felt most people would be interested in and what I am hoping to get my hands on (although I am realistic about my chances):

    Arcade Fire – Sprawl II
    Sigur Ros – Hvarf-Heim
    The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr.
    Iggy And The Stooges – Raw Power
    Janis Joplin – Pearl
    *Thievery Corporation – Cosmic Game

    *As this is very limited I understand it is most likely unattainable but thought I would throw it in for good measure all the same. 🙂

    Look forward to it all the same.



  • Yes to Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros and Iggy.

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