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Record sleeves as Clipart

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Knee Play 5 – Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass 1979 Original

Whipping Boy – We Don’t Need Nobody Else

Joy Division – she’s lost control (Altrincham 1979)

The Nails — The Things You Left Behind

88 Lines About 44 Anime Girls

Johnny and Mary

L@tDBL – Frightened Rabbit – The Twist by Precious Productions

Came across this today uploaded just before Christmas. Nice wee message at the end that all reviewers and bloggers could take note of !  

Results of our customer survey

Wasn’t an official survey of course just a lot of feedback from customers about what they would like us to do more of or start selling along with general observations. In no particular order.

Stock even more second hand vinyl. Everybody was pleased with all the stuff we have had in recently but hoped we would get in even more. People weren’t too fussed about new vinyl though there was definitely a minority keen. Trouble is when we tripled our new vinyl, sales only increased marginally.

A lot of customers asked if we would start stocking record players.

On the vintage theme and out of the blue for me quite a few people suggested a section for men’s vintage clothing. Armstrongs is brilliant of course but some felt that the women’s clothing there overwhelmed things a little. I’ve no wish to compete on that score but will see if something can be done. Would certainly look good in the shop and fit in with everything else.

In-stores from bigger bands were requested and many accepting they were unlikely to buy something said they would be happy to pay to see a band. Not sure about that.

After the success of the Frightened Rabbit, Withered Hand and Rezillos merch customers were keen for more.

Customers were very appreciative of our support for local bands and many were keen to point out that a lot of their favourite bands had been discovered through the shop. Some went back many years to our support for the likes of King Creosote through to our relentlessly pointing out how good Withered Hand, Savings and Loan, There Will Be Fireworks, Kid Canaveral etc were. Star Wheel Press are of course the latest in that lineage.

Quite a few of the young kids that come in the shop do so because they attended the Frightened Rabbit in-store on Record Store Day and for some it was their first real gig and it genuinely got them excited about music. Got to be a good thing. Bwani Junction in-store on day of release for their album has also worked similarly but on a smaller scale of course.

People love posters and badges and just can’t get enough.

CDs while definitely losing popularity are still the most popular format for a release by a long way. European customers in particular absolutely love our £2.99 (4 for £10) and £3.99 (3 for £10) second hand CD sections.

Everybody is fed up with how quickly newly released CDs drop in price.

Customers commented they had never seen so many young people enthusiastically looking around a record shop. Admittedly most of the time it is at the posters but I’m more than pleased they come to the shop and quite a few do buy vinyl now too. 

Customers hoped we would reinstate the Caramacs, Curly Wurlys etc even without the coffee.

Several professionals some from the media and advertising admitted to using our blog/website to keep on top of what was new but rarely buying anything. They did ask me to consider how they might be able to help in the future (for free !)  

So quite a lot of ideas and thoughts there and I’ll add more if I remember anything else.

New releases from Scottish / local artists

Can I just remind artists that we do not accept new releases offered to us after an album or single has been released. We find that most of the sales have already been achieved at the releases’s launch and through online sales and sadly Avalanche can not exist on the few sales that leaves us so we have to now direct our energies elsewhere. We fully undertand why artists do this and hope they too understand why we have to concentrate on those that see Avalanche’s support as an integral part of their release.

We fully intend to continue to support Scottish music whenever we can but that support needs to be reciprocated.  

More info is here