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Tom Waits has spoken

Tom Waits (ANTI-)

tomwaits Tom Waits (ANTI-)

Attention! Meet others! Hands On! Interact! Discuss! Survive! Congregate – at your local record shop.

This Winter get your Mixed Drinks at the Electric Circus

Artwork for tmrw's gig @circusedinburgh Owl John @jamesyorkston Jill @sparrowworkshop Jenny @strikecolours & Neil Meursault

My Party Ponies

I’ve had quite a few people searching for my wife’s pony website being directed to Avalanche because I had mentioned it before and we feature so highly on searches. I’ve also had a few enquiries actually in the shop. 

Anyway after the interest I’ve managed to persuade her to offer a 10% discount if you mention Avalanche when booking before the end of the year. There are also mypartyonies gift vouchers which again can be bought with the 10% discount included.

The Flowers of Hell at Avalanche

Absolutely true. Rumour has it some of this ended up on a NASA DVD. A guy who liked the band used them on an internal DVD that was made and it was so popular they were used again and asked for this footage.

Mudhoney promo for independent record stores and Avalanche

These guys were just really easy to get on with and as I walked them to the HMV Picture House for their gig insisted on having their photo taken with the castle something I see a lot more of these days. They did this completely off the cuff in one take.

Withered Hand at the first Record Store Day 2008

The Twilight Sad acoustic set at Avalanche Records

Eagleowl Live at Avalanche Records

A couple of years ago promoting their new seven inch

Withered Hand – Live at Avalanche Records (before they were famous!)

Here is local boy Withered Hand performing live in the shop

Thanks to Russell (Electric Eskimo) who recorded this

Avalanche will be closed today (Thursday 8th)

Sorry everybody but with trains cancelled and warnings about travel I’m stuck in West Lothian. Cat is on her way to ATP so we will be closed today. I’ll use the time to try and catch up on things and sell stuff online. Now if I end up taking more online today than I took in the shop yesterday that would tell a story.