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While people are very complimentary about the album club choices it has made it harder and harder to keep up the hopefully high standard. As the end of year chart shows the last 6 months have been a lot quieter than the first half of the year and after the delayed David Thomas Broughton album the Farewell Poetry album at least also hit the spot. Since then events have conspired to stop any further choices being made. I considered the Martin John Henry album but then that too was delayed. Rob St John was a shoo-in but then didn’t come on CD.  Last year’s end of year package (4 months worth covering our move) was incredibly popular and regulars asked if I’d be doing the same again so it wasn’t a tough decision to get Christmas over with and do a similar package for the end of January.

I intend to make this a very special collection with some of those elusive “not on CD” releases on CD and some unique extras covering both music and artwork. There will also be an Avalanche compilation CD included. And that believe it or not is not everything but merely a taster. There will also for the first time be an option to choose vinyl when available and pay the difference.    

I’ve been asked a lot by customers what they can do to help and by joining the album club it will give us the increase in numbers that will help with the economies of scale some of our ideas will need. So if you regularly look to the blog for new music to listen to this is a good way to support both the shop and new music. It would only take 50 to 100 more people to subscribe to make a real difference. I’m well prepared to admit if we only get 5 more people so I will honestly update on how the numbers are going.

Here is the shop link and scroll to the bottom for all the album club options. We send our album club packages worldwide. 


3 Responses to “Avalanche Album Club News”

  • David:

    Do you publish what the album choices are anywhere? I was quite interested in this when you first started doing it but I was a bit hesitant to part with the money without seeing what kind of stuff is included and I wanted to wait a few months. It kind of went on the back burner since then and I’m now realising that I still haven’t seen anything like that! Any chance you could list the albums you did in 2011 or something like that?


  • Russell:

    Id be interested too but would like a clearer idea of what the club consists of. Even in terms of how many CDs/lps/etc the £120 buys you and how regularly they’d be sent out.

  • David:

    Very keen to subscribe to this, but, like the other respondents, I need to see what my subscription would have bought last year to force me to click the button.

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