Today was a good day

From the minute I arrived at the shop to find my electrician waiting to fix the side lighting I had a good feeling about today. First customer came in to pick up his Tom Waits vinyl and then the wonderful Ed Jupp of 17 seconds continued his personal crusade to keep the shop afloat by buying more second hand vinyl from his stash of records put by for him and the triple Ben Folds Five CD for his celebrity brother.

And so the day continued with a succession of regular customers and visitors in to buy a few things and a chat until Eugene from the Rezillos turned up with more t-shirts and some carrier bags that will be a perfect basis for new Avalanche LP bags something I’ve been looking for for a while. The day finished with Craig from Star Wheel Press popping in and chatting to a couple of customers in for their album that we had contrived to just sell out of. A nice end to a good day. Thanks to all concerned for reminding me why I still do this.   

PS Don’t worry the Star Wheel Press CD should be back in for Saturday.

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