Why is our chart based on sales ?

I have been asked several times why the Avalanche chart is based on sales. I admit most charts are used as promotional tools, to brown nose labels and bands and generally look “cool” but to me it seems obvious that we should publish what our customers buy as the Avalanche chart otherwise we would be saying this is what our customers buy but actually we know better and this is what the chart should look like. Some shops have staff picks which of course is another way of doing it. As it happens our top two albums are my favourite two albums of the year and I would find it hard to split them so I’m glad my customers did it for me. 

We have had over a thousand people look at the chart already in less than 24 hours and I’m happy that the chart gives profile and publicity to bands who probably won’t feature in many or any other charts but also I think it is fair to say the chart is well respected for avoiding tokenism and these bands have earned their place.

I had dozens of media enquiries after Kid Canaveral had our best selling album last year and hopefully Star Wheel Press will benefit in the coming months but they have got there on their own merit with a great album and a fantastic sleeve. When Ryan phoned me to say Lauren Laverne had just played one of their songs on the radio and would I stock their album it was just one of hundreds of similar calls I get in a year. I had no idea it would turn out to be such a cracking album. More than ever now it is clear that who you know is more important than how good you are and I hope that at Avalanche we give people that level playing field that gives them a chance. 

As for the Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells album it is simply a stunning piece of work and why it doesn’t appear in every shops’ top 20 never mind top 100 is a mystery to me. Clearly it is not avant-kraut hypno-dub psych-pop enough !  

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