Farewell Poetry at The Third Door Monday 14th November

Avalanche favourites Farewell Poetry are playing at The Third Door on Lothian Street along with Matthew Collings, Hiva Oa and Opul this Monday starting at 7pm.

A collective comprised of Parisian musicians and an Anglo-saxon poet and filmmaker, FareWell Poetry is a bold and electrifying project that combines performance film, musical experimentation (drone, post-rock, orchestrated minimalism) and spoken word poetry.

Situated somewhere between a sleep-starved Man Ray, the musical ventures of the Beat Generation poets, the visually flamboyant performances of Throbbing Gristle or the Velvet Underground and the feverous instrumental intensity of Constellation’s first releases, FareWell Poetry draws creative inspiration from a trance-like state and hungers for new boundaries to push back, new doors to open.

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