Ryan Adams almost meets Ryan Hannigan

For those of you not on twitter Catriona had a guy in the shop today who looked just like Ryan Adams. When Ryan Hannigan the singer with Avalanche favourites Star Wheel Press popped in with more CDs on his way to the Ryan Adams gig it dawned on Catriona that it had indeed been Ryan Adams and not just a lookalike.

Any doubts were put aside when the man himself posted a photo on twitter taken outside the shop. Those of you who know the shop will know this is the view from outside our door. A little embarrassingly we had in fact just sold out of the new album on CD though at least we still had the Ashes & Fire vinyl in stock.

I should say that I am rubbish at recognising bands when they come in the shop and almost as bad with all the comedians we get though at least after a few visits I tend to remember them. Fucked Up spoke very highly about the shop to David from The Shop Assistants when he was down for their gig and yet I’m afraid that though I’m sure I was in I don’t remember seeing them which even I find hard to believe ! 

And yes I do know it should really read Ryan Hannigan almost meets Ryan Adams but one day when the charismatic Mr Hannigan is a star it will read right and I’ll be able to say I told you so !  


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