Cancel The Astronauts new single

Cancel The Astronauts

Hello there!

Cancel The Astronauts here, with the second ever CTA mailing list email. We hope it finds you well and eager/patient/bored enough to read about the kind of stuff we are getting up to.

Okay! First, our new single, Seven Vices, is now available to pre-order. Hurray! It’s our first ever single, which is quite exciting. You know, for us. It’s got two full-band b-sides on — ‘cos we’re old school like that — and some marvellous artwork by our favourite ever Estonian, Ulla Saar. You can grab it at our Bandcamp page, right here.

The official release date ain’t ’til the 12th of September, but if you pre-order the in-real-life, have-it-hold-it-hug-it version, you shall be rewarded with an immediate! download of the all the tracks immediately.

Interestingly, modern types who prefer to pre-order the download only version of the single will find that they too are rewarded with an immediate! download of all the tracks immediately. Not sure how that works. The world works in funny ways, so it does. Specifically the part of it that’s Bandcamp, it seems. Still though, we didn’t want anyone to feel left out just because they care about the environment/own coasters. That’s how nice we are. Go! Listen! Buy! We hope you like it.

Also, rumour has it that there are limited numbers of ‘yer actual copies available Right Now! from splendid independent music shops Avalanche (Edinburgh) and Love Music (Glasgow) if you go in and sort of ask for one. Actually, I’m certain that’s true. I’m going to upgrade that to, like, a fact. Yes. There you go: it’s a fact. You may bank atop it. Support your local music shop!

A perfect example of getting the balance right between online sales and shops.  

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