Rock Action – Tell it how it is

Interesting article about Scottish labels after the fire including

Craig Hargrave, label manager of Rock Action Records – run by the acclaimed band Mogwai – said: “About 20,000 units of our catalogue were destroyed. This includes CD albums, LPs, seven-inchers, box sets – accounting for virtually every release we have done since 1996. For a label of our size, this is a massive amount of stock.”
Hargrave added that to save independent labels like his “the industry needs music fans to keep on buying records and CDs. Ultimately, people taking the time and going into a record store and buying albums will be far more beneficial across the board than buying albums digitally.“Give record shops a reason to re-order these titles to get them back in stock and then you give labels a reason to repress them.“Put bluntly, a purely digital future would see the extinction of an entire aspect of the music industry. Take away physical product then you put record shops out of business.“Put record shops out of business and you put distributors out of business. That’s not even mentioning people at pressing plants, printers and graphic design artists who put artwork together.”

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