Kid Canaveral in-store, Album Club, Withered Hand vinyl, Twilight Sad tickets, Frightened Rabbit Merch and prints

Good day in the shop today. Sold two Avalanche record bags, 3 Avalanche tote bags, Kid Canaveral tote bag, 5 Avalanche t-shirts. various other band t-shirts, 2 books, 6 old magazines, 20+ badges a large Fratellis poster for £15, 3 Arctic Monkeys posters for £9, various other posters, some second hand vinyl, a little new vinyl and had a couple of big second hand CD sales. However apart from the usual clutch of Star Wheel Press CDs sold relatively few new CDs indeed. Did sell the new Fucked Up CD though and David Shop Assistant told me yesterday they were very complimentary about the shop after their visit so that is nice.


Expecting a bumper day tomorrow with the Jazz Festival starting and Kid Canaveral promising some songs you may not have heard for a while for their in-store to celebrate the vinyl release of their album. We will have 25 copies of the limited version with the cassette single which can be bought at any time tomorrow and then collected at the end of the day.   



Withered Hand vinyl was delayed due to circumstances beyond my control that then became within my control and then was sorted. I will let you all know the second they arrive. 




We have lots of new tickets in including those for the Twilight Sad acoustic set at the Electric Circus all displayed on our lovely ticket board. We also have the last few tickets for Shonrn Knife at Sneaky Pete’s.






The official emails will go out on Sunday but the latest album club package is ready to be collected and includes the new David Thomas Broughton album and the Young Hunting album. Much more on that in a couple of days. 





And as if all that isn’t enough Scott will be bringing in his new print before the guys head off to the States next week to tour with Death Cab For Cutie. He’s also promised to dig out any old merch they have for sale in the shop.

There is even more exciting news but I think that’s enough for now ! 

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