T Break – So much for leaving the comments open !

I don’t normally leave comments open as I just get loads of spam but I thought I had better and not only have there been comments from both sides (and it really feels like people take sides on this) but I’ve had lots of direct emails too. To be honest I know the Boycotts and Cancel The Astronauts because we have sold their singles. I seem to remember having a Crayons single but I could be imagining that. Conquering Animal Sound  were our first choice for the album club this year and have played in the shop and are very good indeed. PAWS I’d already listened to because they had been recommended to me. Aerials Up, Fatherson and The Lafontaines are names that constantly seem to crop up but I know little about and the rest are completely new to me though a brief read of the Pop Cop’s run down doesn’t look too promising. We are an Edinburgh shop that specialises in selling Scottish bands releases so it should not be a great surprise we haven’t heard of all the unsigned bands without releases from Glasgow and further afield. I’ll try to listen to all the bands over the next few days and maybe get to the bottom of why some bands do so well whenever these lists are compiled. Maybe they are just very good but that then begs the question why do they remain unsigned ?

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