How he wrote Elastic Man

After reappearing at the beginning and end of the day yesterday Mark E. Smith (some say lookalike) appeared again today for the These Fading Polaroids set and later for the Edinburgh School for the Deaf. He then disappeared for the rest of the day. However just as I reached the other end of the Grassmarket as I was leaving tonight who did I spot but the man himself chatting to two attractive young women sitting outside a pub. Sensing a chance to give him a little of his own medicine I went to speak to him asking him about his dancing etc. To be fair he took it all in good part once he realised I’d been the guy trying to persuade him to give back the mike at the chaotic end to the ESFTD set. The lookalike camp received a boost when he simply looked blank when asked “how he wrote Elastic Man”. Then again maybe he was just too drunk.

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