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Sign up to Avalanche updates

We have finally got round to adding a facility for subscribing to our updates about Scottish music. I will be manually adding all those whose names I have taken down on bits of paper / written in the back of our sales books and haven’t found time to add to the mailing list we already have. If you have ever left your details on a scrap of paper please feel free to subscribe directly.

Everything Seems To Be Working

Don’t want to speak too soon but it does look like things are finally back to normal. I now have no excuse except a complete lack of time for not updating the shop and adding all the bands that have registered.

Avalanche Manifesto – Very Briefly

As many of you will know the manifesto has caused a huge amount of discussion virtually all positive and very briefly here are some of the points that we will try to address over the coming months.

Everybody is agreed that better distribution at least within Scotland would be greatly beneficial. There is the thorny issue of bands and labels wanting their releases in shops while also wanting to compete for customers with those shops that will have to be overcome but a compromise should be possible. There is no reason why these ideas should be limited to Scotland either.

Listening posts would definitely help and the new wave of tablet style screens could be adapted for this purpose. With some funding these machines could be placed and easily updated anywhere in the world !

Showcase gigs for Scottish bands in major cities outside of Scotland would be another way to break bands further afield without the current expense of going to SXSW. Many bands would just like to play a decent venue in London and try to get some industry people along to that.

Funding needs to be more transparent, more accessible and some might say better targeted. I’ll be asking the various funding bodies to give me posters and regular info so bands will be able to easily see what is available in the shop and on our website. We will have a notice board put up in the shop not just for this but for those “drummer wanted” adverts too.

Not sure what can be done about the forms but it is no surprise that those with management to take care of these things seem to benefit so much more than more talented but less bureaucracy minded  artists. We may look to providing help with this in the future as there is clearly a huge number of people put off by the forms some not getting so far as to even look at them such is their reputation !

More to follow.

The Late Call – In-store @ 1pm this Saturday 9th April

Brought to you by that man Bart from eagleowl we have some acoustic / folk / pop from Stockholm this Saturday as a taster for the gig the following day at the Wee Red Bar. Hot on the heels of the visit from our Estonian friends even if they were just shopping. More info courtesy of the Swedesplease blog.

I’m really supposed to be previewing the Swedes at SXSW. But when I heard about this debut record from The Late Call being put out by the very fine German label Tapete everything else was put on the back burner.

The Late Call is really just one guy (+friends) from Stockholm named Johannes Maye. His debut record is called Leaving Notesand chronicles the long distance relationship he had with his girlfriend. The record and this song has an organic feel on account of the mostly acoustic instrumentation. He’s joined by Andreas Söderström (ASS, RUBIES, TAKEN BY TREES), Elias Åkesson (Stockholm’s ELIAS & THE WIZZKIDS), BJÖRN KLEINHENZ and Henrik Roger (GHOST OF TOM JOAD).

Aberfeldy to round off our RSD celebrations with Glasvegas

Aberfeldy are now confirmed to play in-store on Saturday 23rd April with Glasvegas already scheduled for a meet and greet on the 24th. We’ll be announcing more bands during the week.