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The Late Call – Sunday @ Wee Red Bar

The Late Call’s in-store today was excellent and you really should pop along to the Wee Red Bar tomorrow if you are free. Doors open 7.00pm.

Back Online

Was told Tuesday but phone/broadband back on now. Turns out it wasn’t just my line but nobody else had bothered to complain and report it. That won’t be a big surprise to those of you that know me well ! I’ll post all the news re RSD and the Grassmarket Festival tomorrow.

Very Briefly – Frightened Rabbit in-store @ 1pm

My phone line is down at home so I will post all the RSD news early next week. However for all those asking the Frightened Rabbit in-store will be @ 1pm.  Gordon from Ballboy, The Last Battle and Penguins Kill Polar Bears will also be playing on the day.

The Late Call – In-store @ 1pm this Saturday 9th April

Brought to you by that man Bart from eagleowl we have some acoustic / folk / pop from Stockholm this Saturday as a taster for the gig the following day at the Wee Red Bar. Hot on the heels of the visit from our Estonian friends even if they were just shopping. More info courtesy of the Swedesplease blog.

I’m really supposed to be previewing the Swedes at SXSW. But when I heard about this debut record from The Late Call being put out by the very fine German label Tapete everything else was put on the back burner.

The Late Call is really just one guy (+friends) from Stockholm named Johannes Maye. His debut record is called Leaving Notesand chronicles the long distance relationship he had with his girlfriend. The record and this song has an organic feel on account of the mostly acoustic instrumentation. He’s joined by Andreas Söderström (ASS, RUBIES, TAKEN BY TREES), Elias Åkesson (Stockholm’s ELIAS & THE WIZZKIDS), BJÖRN KLEINHENZ and Henrik Roger (GHOST OF TOM JOAD).


Shuuuushers + Shooshers – Twitter the debate

allymccrae allymccrae
I dislike Shuuuushers at gigs. Its a social thing is it not, dry your eyes. Live music is a vibrant experience that involves others, ya tits
Matthew Young
SongbyToad Matthew Young
@allymccrae Depends HUUGELY on the music. There’s a lot of music it’s just plain insulting to talk over. Others, it doesn’t matter so much.
favourite son
favouriteson favourite son
@allymccrae a free gig aye, but if folk have paid to see a band + can’t hear them then fair enough. u wudnt talk thru a movie at the cinema
favourite son
favouriteson favourite son
@allymccrae i hate shooshers too tho, theyr often louder than talkers. captains rest has posters sayin b quiet during gigs, best thing 2 do
allymccrae allymccrae Quieter music should always be respected, true dat. There’s no easy answer but its the venom in some shuuushers that scares me.
etc etc etc

Lone Pigeon / Pictish Trail tickets on sale tomorrow

We have the last 40 tickets for Lone Pigeon / Pictish Trail @ Pilrig St Paul’s on 14th April going on sale tomorrow. Doors are 7.30pm and it is a guaranteed sell out so be quick. All online tickets are finished and we have the lovely laminated numbered tickets you can cherish and file next to (and I do not joke) the sought after Withered Hand album launch ticket.

Grassmarket Festival

Not sure yet how many bands there will be as Dance Base will also be using the stage. We are hoping to give several unsigned bands a chance to play. Will give updates as I find out.

Frightened Rabbit in-store for RSD

Just waiting on confirmation of a time. It’s a big shop as many of you will know but we will take advice on whether to go down the wristband route.

RSD – and there’s more Jenny Soep Exhibition

To coincide with the RSD celebrations we will be having an exhibition of the work of Jenny Soep.

Jenny Soep draws live unique events, translating the experience into drawings.

Using a range of art media to create images that express the colour,
movement, energy, characters and emotion of the live productions, she
essentially captures the essence of what is occurring round about her.

Jenny specialises in drawing arts and cultural events, focusing
on those that are imaginative, poetic, lyrical and music based.

As well as this, she is on a mission to draw the contemporary
original music scene, especially in Scotland her home country.



So expect to see Frightened Rabbit play in front of a Frightened Rabbit drawing etc and we will be very disappointed if Dan doesn’t appear at some point.

Stalls for the Grassmarket Festival

There will be a limited number of stalls for the Grassmarket Festival available to book online or over the phone.

“We are looking for makers of all kinds of quirky craft and art to take part in the market. There will be a common theme running through the festival of tea dances, cakes, and of the vintage and recycled.”

Not sure about the tea dances but more details can be found at but as there will be only around 30 stalls you will need to be quick.