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Some Great RSD In-store Photos Some good photos of the in-stores for RSD and a great one of the crowd for Frightened Rabbit

Do send us all your photos and film footage of RSD and all the events for the rest of the week. I think the plan will be if we get enough good ones to display them at the back of the shop and to maybe edit a short film together.

Record Store Day Two

Just heading in to the shop now. We didn’t want to spoil you with too much all on the one day so we will have more special prices and exclusives to be announced all during the week. Today we have some very special prices from those lovely people at Fence on everything from the King Creosote back catalogue to the new Pictish Trail vinyl. We also have some extremely limited large posters including a Foo Fighters one. Check back for more details each day.

Thanks to everybody who came along yesterday and and an even bigger thank you for everybody being so patient whether they were queueing to be served or to see the bands. Shops are understandably concerned about losing business by having bands play but hopefully we got the balance right. We couldn’t do it without the support of the bands so another big vote of thanks there and finally I’d just like to thank my neighbouring shops and in particular Helios Fountain for being so patient with so many people queueing. I do wonder with the council constantly thinking of new ways of discouraging stag parties and hen nights from the Grassmarket whether they have considered a large bubble machine similar to that employed by Helios fountain or whether that might actually just encourage them !

It is a lovely day and Broken Records are playing. All looking good.

Getting Your Music Heard

After much speculation (OK three people asked) the 6 CDs bands hand in will be given to The Skinny, The List, Is This Music ?, Song by Toad (label and blog), 17 Seconds (label and blog) and Mr Vic Galloway. All have kindly agreed to listen to all the CDs they are given. You may remember I had only guaranteed they would listen to ones that caught their eye. These are by no means the six most important magazines, blogs, labels or radio presenters just people I knew well enough to ask. They are however definitely six of the more influential people you could have hear your music so it is a great chance for bands to get heard. I will certainly look to expand this if it is successful with the proviso that if it becomes too popular and if we expand the people we give the CDs to we may have to exert some quality control as these are busy people and only have a limited amount of time to listen to yet another Biffy tribute band ! Thanks again to everybody for agreeing.

Record Store Day – We open @ 9.30am

As last year we will hand out numbers to those queueing when we open and then serve people one at a time. One copy per customer and in an effort to be fair to everybody customers will not be allowed to buy  too many of the very limited releases. A few things we only get one or two of may go to a ballot. This will certainly happen with the Roxy Music single. We will be sent a list of all the things still available on Monday so customers will also be able to order things we are out of if we think there is a chance they have not sold out. We have over 200 different titles so you will have to bear with us when serving. All the stock will initially be kept behind the counter.

Record Store Day times + more

Saturday 16th
Frightened Rabbit @ 1pm
Gordon McIntyre of Ballboy @ 2.30pm
The Last Battle @ 3pm playing next door @ Red Dog
Penguins Kill Polar Bears @ 5pm

Sunday 17th
Broken Records @ 3pm

Wednesday 20th
Showing of the new Tim Barrow movie THE SPACE BETWEEN  5.30pm for 6pm showing

Saturday 23rd
Aberfeldy @ 2pm

Sunday 24th
Glasvegas meet and greet signing session (time tbc but 3pm won’t be far wrong)

16th to 24th

Grassmarket Music Festival 29th April to 1st May

I haven’t been told yet how many bands are needed for each of the three days but I imagine it will be five or six. I’ve asked a few “bigger” bands to play and have also asked a couple of younger bands who have personally come in the shop with their CDs either for sale or to be listened to as I felt it only fair to reward their endeavour. I was going to ask a young band to play on RSD but now with the Festival so close I will use that instead to give young and unsigned bands a chance.

I was given a CD only a couple of days ago from a band called Star Wheel Press who  I’m sure  would admit are not in the first flush of youth and indeed are not based in Edinburgh coming from Aberfeldy but I was sufficiently impressed to give them a slot at the festival straight away. The music is in a Bonnie Prince Billy / Silver Jews vein but again what sealed it was the great packaging they had gone to the trouble to make. Great sleeve but I would never recommend leaving your band’s name off the front cover !


Vinyl section to double in size !

We bought in two nice collections this week so now have just enough stock to put in more vinyl racks. We could still do with more though so please do consider digging out those boxes in the cupboard.


We have also increased our stock of new vinyl by a third and will continue to increase our range if the sales justify it.

Frightened Rabbit in-store 1pm Saturday April 16th

Unless we are convinced there will be crowds similar to those seen in old footage of The Beatles we will try to accommodate everybody for the Frightened Rabbit 1pm  in-store on Saturday 16th April. A final decision will be made later in the week so check back for details. We will certainly be operating a queue for people who simply want to see the band as those who are in the shop to actually buy something will need some space !

Handing in your music for RSD

Artists/bands should hand in 6 CDs with artwork and a short blurb any time from Friday 15th to Monday 25th. I’ll be announcing the lucky recipients later in the week but as I have said I can only guarantee your CDs will reach the appropriate people so please don’t expect lengthy or indeed any replies. However I’m sure your CDs will at least be given consideration and some will no doubt receive advice and possibly even praise ! Already people have missed the point asking if they can just send links. An interesting package will of course always work better in grabbing somebody’s interest than a link with a picture. I will personally listen to all of the CDs before handing them over and will be happy to give an honest opinion.

New Tim Barrow film THE SPACE BETWEEN @ Avalanche on Wednesday 20th April @ 5.30pm

It is free but do let either myself or Tim know if you intend to come along so we can have some idea of numbers. There will of course be coffee and cake !



We have the honour of screening our new film THE SPACE BETWEEN at Avalanche Records on Wednesday 20 April, as part of their week-long Record Store Day, and we’d be delighted if you can join us.

THE SPACE BETWEEN is an Edinburgh love story and redemption tale, following two strangers brought together and given the chance to turn their lives around. Shot in 17 glorious days in summer, on a tiny budget, the film features prominent Edinburgh landmarks, as well as lesser-known locations, and the eclectic soundtrack come from Scottish musicians.

This unique event is free, and open to all. We have the coolest venue in Edinburgh to host our film and we hope you can make it.

Best wishes,

Tim Barrow

+44 (0) 7957 34 25 56










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