Record Store Day Two

Just heading in to the shop now. We didn’t want to spoil you with too much all on the one day so we will have more special prices and exclusives to be announced all during the week. Today we have some very special prices from those lovely people at Fence on everything from the King Creosote back catalogue to the new Pictish Trail vinyl. We also have some extremely limited large posters including a Foo Fighters one. Check back for more details each day.

Thanks to everybody who came along yesterday and and an even bigger thank you for everybody being so patient whether they were queueing to be served or to see the bands. Shops are understandably concerned about losing business by having bands play but hopefully we got the balance right. We couldn’t do it without the support of the bands so another big vote of thanks there and finally I’d just like to thank my neighbouring shops and in particular Helios Fountain for being so patient with so many people queueing. I do wonder with the council constantly thinking of new ways of discouraging stag parties and hen nights from the Grassmarket whether they have considered a large bubble machine similar to that employed by Helios fountain or whether that might actually just encourage them !

It is a lovely day and Broken Records are playing. All looking good.

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