Getting Your Music Heard

After much speculation (OK three people asked) the 6 CDs bands hand in will be given to The Skinny, The List, Is This Music ?, Song by Toad (label and blog), 17 Seconds (label and blog) and Mr Vic Galloway. All have kindly agreed to listen to all the CDs they are given. You may remember I had only guaranteed they would listen to ones that caught their eye. These are by no means the six most important magazines, blogs, labels or radio presenters just people I knew well enough to ask. They are however definitely six of the more influential people you could have hear your music so it is a great chance for bands to get heard. I will certainly look to expand this if it is successful with the proviso that if it becomes too popular and if we expand the people we give the CDs to we may have to exert some quality control as these are busy people and only have a limited amount of time to listen to yet another Biffy tribute band ! Thanks again to everybody for agreeing.

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