Grassmarket Music Festival 29th April to 1st May

I haven’t been told yet how many bands are needed for each of the three days but I imagine it will be five or six. I’ve asked a few “bigger” bands to play and have also asked a couple of younger bands who have personally come in the shop with their CDs either for sale or to be listened to as I felt it only fair to reward their endeavour. I was going to ask a young band to play on RSD but now with the Festival so close I will use that instead to give young and unsigned bands a chance.

I was given a CD only a couple of days ago from a band called Star Wheel Press who  I’m sure  would admit are not in the first flush of youth and indeed are not based in Edinburgh coming from Aberfeldy but I was sufficiently impressed to give them a slot at the festival straight away. The music is in a Bonnie Prince Billy / Silver Jews vein but again what sealed it was the great packaging they had gone to the trouble to make. Great sleeve but I would never recommend leaving your band’s name off the front cover !


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