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Burnt Island In-store + Kid Canaveral SXSW fundraiser

Just heard on 6 Music that things are looking bleak in Edinburgh live music wise while for our friends in the west things are very healthy indeed. Nobody would disagree that gigs in Edinburgh could be better attended sometimes but equally I’ve heard horror stories of three men and a dog at Glasgow gigs too. Suffice to say it would be good to see more people out at gigs everywhere rather than spending all their hard earned cash on Arcade Fire at Edinburgh Castle or Mogwai at the Barrowlands.

Anyway for those of you penniless after purchasing those Arcade Fire tickets we have Burnt Island in-store at 3pm this Saturday (26th) for free. The last few copies of their EP Music and Maths will be on sale and I should point out that it is far better than Arcade Fire’s first EP.

For those of you with a few pennies left you could do no better than pop along later to see Kid Canaveral ably supported by The Last Battle at the Wee Red Bar. Tickets are on sale in the shop for £7 with no booking fee.

We will be open on Sundays from now on

We have been getting asked more and more by both regular customers and visitors if we are open on Sundays so will do so from this week. Please feel free to pop in and say hello and yes you can order coffee and cake too !

Advice on physical product – gigs – distribution/shops – media – merchandise

I’m getting asked a lot about this so will definitely organise something in the next month. It will quite simply be a case of having people in the shop after we close for a very informal chat / Q+A about all aspects of the above. Basic stuff we get asked a lot by young bands just getting started. I’ve already had offers from people who can help in all these areas that they would be happy to come down and chat so I think initially we will see what bands want and take it from there. More details to follow.


We have a fine selection of Benbecula CDs and vinyl for £4.99 or less including Wounded Knee, Flowers of Hell, Christ, Plum, Ochre etc.

Twitter @kevinavalanche

You can now follow me on twitter which is something I never thought I would say. In the middle of a rather hectic day I noticed I had 99 followers and thought I would keep an eye out for no. 100 but it suddenly jumped to 114 ! Feels like I’ve signed up for hate mail as labels tweet me to tell me of things “not available in the shops”.

Tickets + Coffee + Seating

We have tickets for Rob St John, Kid Canaveral, Meursault, Stanley Odd and Haddow Fest. More details to follow as soon as I get a minute. The plan is to feature all the gigs we have tickets for in the coffee shop where you will also be able to buy the tickets. We also have some seating in the back of the shop now. Benches made from wood we had in the basement but people seem to like them already. Cushions to follow !

Come On Gang and Conquering Animal Sound albums + Broken Records are the new Fratellis !

In the rush to buy this week’s new releases don’t forget the Come On Gang album which only went out on Saturday to coincide with the launch and the Conquering Animal Sound album out last week.

A customer came up to the counter wanting something Scottish ” a bit like the Fratellis”. I thought I’d try Kid Canaveral but he wasn’t impressed. He asked to listen to Aberfeldy but again was not impressed. Finally he asked to listen to the new Broken Records album and after 30 seconds said he would take it. All those years of honing that Bruce Springsteen meets Arcade Fire sound and it turns out Jamie has ended up sounding at least to one person like the Fratellis. Next Broken Records gig I’ll be shouting out for Chelsea Dagger !

Bright Eyes, PJ Harvey, Mogwai, Zoey Van Goey, Gruff Rhys, Twilight Singers + Sunday Opening

To mark the fact that there is actually a decent bunch of new releases this Monday we will be opening early at 9.30am ie the same time as we always used to. We will also be opening on Sundays from this week thanks to the multi talented Catriona who can not only serve coffee but also answer all your music related questions therefore being able to serve you with a mocha while explaining the Mogwai box set has been delayed but we do at least have the vinyl.

THE SPACE BETWEEN Wednesday March 16th

Tim Barrow’s new film ” The Space Between” is now confirmed for Wednesday March 16th. It will be shown in the shop as part of its launch that week and there will also be a Q+ A as well as performances from some of the musicians involved in the film.

The film is written and directed by Tim who wrote and produced “The Inheritance” which won several prestigious awards and was shown at ten international film festivals.

It has also been one of our best selling DVDs. More info to follow soon. Coffee and cake will of course be to hand and maybe choc ices !

Local bands’ albums on vinyl

With several local bands hoping to have their albums out on vinyl in the coming months I’m interested to hear what albums customers would like to see. Email your suggestions to I’ll publish a list if I get enough replies.