Burnt Island In-store + Kid Canaveral SXSW fundraiser

Just heard on 6 Music that things are looking bleak in Edinburgh live music wise while for our friends in the west things are very healthy indeed. Nobody would disagree that gigs in Edinburgh could be better attended sometimes but equally I’ve heard horror stories of three men and a dog at Glasgow gigs too. Suffice to say it would be good to see more people out at gigs everywhere rather than spending all their hard earned cash on Arcade Fire at Edinburgh Castle or Mogwai at the Barrowlands.

Anyway for those of you penniless after purchasing those Arcade Fire tickets we have Burnt Island in-store at 3pm this Saturday (26th) for free. The last few copies of their EP Music and Maths will be on sale and I should point out that it is far better than Arcade Fire’s first EP.

For those of you with a few pennies left you could do no better than pop along later to see Kid Canaveral ably supported by The Last Battle at the Wee Red Bar. Tickets are on sale in the shop for £7 with no booking fee.

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