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Conquering Animal Sound album and in-store this Saturday

All being well the Conquering Animal Sound album will arrive tomorrow but also Conquering Animal Sound themselves will be arriving in the shop on Saturday 12th for an in-store at 3pm before they head off to Sneaky Pete’s for their gig.

The songs I’ve heard so far sound very good indeed and there has been a lot of interest since we started playing the Gerry Loves Records compilation CD which includes the track “Giant” from their split seven inch single with Debutant which we also have in the shop.

The tags their label give them are ambient experimental neo-classical pop post-rock so not “cuddlecore” then.

Last Saturday was our busiest day since we moved to the Grassmarket and we were expecting this Saturday to be even busier even before the in-store announcement. This will be our first since we opened up the back of the shop so it will very interesting to see how the space works. As word spreads of the great support our customers are giving the shop we are being offered more and more exciting bands and things can hopefully only get better. Sadly we don’t have tickets for the gig later on but hopefully that too will be rectified soon.

Bright Eyes, PJ Harvey, Mogwai and Zoey Van Goey all have albums out next week. It’s almost like the old days only now with a lot more space !

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