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I’ve finally worked out which album grabbed that all important No. 20 spot. Also which albums just missed out at 21 to 30 and the top 5 reissues I mentioned but forgot to publish.

Kevin Cummins @ Avalanche Friday 4th February 1pm

With a rather large Joy Division poster behind the coffee counter we could not have a better guest in the shop than Kevin Cummins famous not only for his photos of Joy Division but a host of other bands including The Smiths, The Stone Roses and Oasis. Kevin will be happy to answer questions about his new book and I’m sure the many bands he has met as well as his beloved Manchester City. Older customers will of course remember Kevin’s many contributions to the NME over a 25 year period. For our younger readers that was the NME when it was essential reading every week and not the rather pale imitation it is now.

Do please come along for a chat and a coffee on Friday lunchtime. The more support these kind of events get the more we will be offered. As a special thank you Kevin’s publishers have made the book available at the special low price of £15 instead of the recommended price of £25. To match the gesture we will be offering coffee and a piece of cake for £2.

Coffee Shop Opening Friday 28th

After the hiatus caused by all the bad weather the coffee shop reopens on Friday. Comfy sofas will follow as soon as I can decide exactly how many and where they are to go.

Emily’s already legendary carrot cake will be back and what is left (I opened the boxes of Curly Wurly and Caramac bars when I was particularly hungry and couldn’t get out of the shop) of the retro sweets will be on sale.

We have Wham bars that don’t mean much to me but seem to excite those younger.  The coffee even though I say so myself is excellent so do come in and try a cup. The Curly Wurlys are just as good as you remember !

We will be providing a shelf of music related books and magazines for people to browse while they drink their coffee so any interesting donations will be welcome.


No sooner do I finally check our Myspace than I am told by several folk it has all but died. Even I knew it wasn’t well but …….

Celtic Festival Barbados 2011 + Fairground Attraction !

A poor attempt at a clever headline I know but it is getting late. Those of you taking your holidays in Barbados this May will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Eddi Reader is headlining this year’s festival taking place from the 23rd to the 30th May. Visit the website for more details .

I was surprised to hear Barbados has strong links with Scotland and with Fence Records’ Homegame also in May looking to expand in 2012 this could well be an option ! Start saving those pennies now.

Myspace and facebook

I made it a rule to never look at Avalanche on Myspace or facebook and left that to others. However I realised information such as the address and phone number needed updating so I took the plunge and logged in to Myspace. Anyway it seems Avalanche has 2,394 friends which seems like a lot but I’m not really sure. I shall be investigating further during the week especially now that we finally have broadband in the shop. As for facebook I’m completely confused and my eldest daughter is too busy studying to explain. The fact she is permanently logged in on my computer may of course be adding to the confusion.

So if anybody has left a message or asked a question since August don’t be surprised if you suddenly get an answer. Obviously I apologise for not getting round to this sooner but it looks like this will take up that little bit of space in my life that was left free.

Back of the Shop

The wall at the back of the shop came down today revealing an amazing amount of space. I’ve had half a dozen suggestions already for how we can use it and as usual all ideas will be gratefully accepted especially those that involve making money from the space, something that is essential if we are to put it to more altruistic uses also .


We will be featuring a selection of labels over the next couple of months and the first we can announce as confirmed is for the Chaffinch label beginning Monday 21st February and concluding with an in-store by Burnt Island at 3pm on Saturday 26th. There will be a limited EP available only at the in-store and there may even be a Second Hand Marching Band during the week. More details to follow.

Limited to 500 we have the last 10 of the EP ignoring the box of 25 under David Chaffinch’s bed.

Schoolboy Error

Not Harvest !

There are some things you learn very quickly working in a record shop in relation to giving out the right CD. Always check which Tom Waits CD  beginning with “Heart” you have (Heart of Saturday Night or Heartattack and Vine), which Leonard Cohen CD you have beginning with Songs (Songs of Love and Hate, Songs of Leonard Cohen or Songs from  a Room) and last but not least never ever give a customer Harvest when they want Harvest Moon. To the customer I served on Saturday I am very very sorry. Please bring it back for the right CD and a grovelling apology.


As promised to those who have asked recently I will be advertising various positions over the coming months. We will be looking for volunteers, interns and there may even be one or two jobs involving payment. I’ve added a new jobs tab (currently blank) so just keep checking back for more information. We will of course also advertise in the shop. If in the meantime you have a particular skill you think might be useful to the Avalanche cause feel free to get in touch via the email address. The music industry is full of such doom and gloom these days that the ability to stay cheerful and positive is a skill in its own right though preferably candidates will have other attributes as well. There will be opportunities that extend well beyond work in the shop as the manifesto says so candidates would do well to read through that before applying.