TOP 20 FOR 2010 WILL BE A TOP 30 !

Top 20 has been readjusted slightly allowing for sales after Christmas. No. 20 is currently blank while we have a recount as thankfully we had a busy few days after Christmas and several albums boosted their sales to come close to the top 20 spot. Consequently we will be expanding the chart to a top 30 this year once all the figures are in. Hover over the 2009 chart header for the 2010 chart. After much humming and harring the Burnt Island 6 track EP/mini album has been declared an EP based on its sale price of £4.99.

I’m just compiling the chart now for our top 10 singles / EPs but suffice to say the “Music and Maths” EP (as it will now be known) is number one. Penguins Kill Polar Bears is at two edging out eagleowl at 3. This is partly because PKPB are very good and partly because Bart took ages bringing in more copies after we sold out out of the first batch !

It’s a double celebration for PKPB who had our biggest selling t-shirt with Ballboy coming in at no.2.

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