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EDINBURGH: Pilrig St Paul’s Church

FRI 17TH DEC, 2010 7.30pm  to 11.00pm

Tickets £5 including booking fee

See your favorite bands performing as their favorite bands!

Watch in amazement as:


perform the HITS of YESTERYEAR!

All Ages!
Bring Your Own Booze!

Please note: the bands will not be playing any of their own songs – but dressing up and performing as another band. A band with hits and everything. Just like in Stars in their Eyes, with Matthew Kelly. And, later, Cat Deeley.

Please also note: it’ll be the best fun ever.

Song by Toad Christmas Party

The poster says it all really except for the bit for the tickets because we also have tickets which with a £1 booking fee is 17p cheaper than brown paper tickets and you get to hold the ticket in your hand (though they aren’t as lovely as the Withered Hand and eagleowl tickets we made) rather than have your name left at the door.

Closed today Monday 6th December

Yes we decided to celebrate the release of the Savings and Loan album by not opening at all !!! Living outside of Edinburgh I am used to the weather being worse out here but when I spoke to several people in Edinburgh they confirmed it was just as dreadful in the city centre. My plumber had spent two hours trying to get to the shop to finish installing the coffee machine and the joiner had spent the last hour going nowhere. With no trains last week Scotrail were finally providing buses today but the advice was not to travel unless absolutely necessary as road conditions in particular were expected to worsen.

Sadly it is a fact of life I would always be better off sitting at home and selling stuff online but where would be the fun in that. However today it seems I will be sending both Broken Records CDs to Israel, unsuccessfully trying to find out why the check out on our shop keeps failing (we are using a  WP e-Commerce Plugin if anyone has any ideas – email on and updating the website with news of tickets just in for the Song by Toad Christmas party and the eagleowl Stars in their Eyes Xmas Special.

Hopefully we will be open tomorrow and if nothing else by the end of the week we should be able to offer a nice cup of tea or warming hot chocolate as well as fantastic coffee to go with that Savings and Loan album you are undoubtedly going to buy.

An honourable mention should also go to the 30 Pounds of Bone album also out today on the always interesting Armellodie label.

Savings and Loan album out Monday 6th December

The long awaited, and that phrase is not used lightly, album from the Savings and Loan is finally out today and it is in with a shout of stealing the number one slot in our end of year chart. I will explain at a later date exactly why everybody should own this album but for now you will just have to take my word for it that this is an exceptional album that Mr Cohen and Mr Cave would be proud of.

There is a free download of the original EP with initial copies and we will have a few copies of the very limited album club version for sale in the shop which comes complete with a book of Martin Donnelly’s poems.

We have been playing the EP (which itself was unavailable) that this album is based on for over a year now and the response has been phenomenal with visitors to the shop insisting on ordering the album months before it was out so it could be sent to them on its release. There will be a very rare sighting of the band at the Song by Toad Christmas Party more of which tomorrow.